New Book and Online Course by Delmar Davis, Founder of Easing In Fitness...

Exercise Planning For Busy People

How to Get a Plan That Actually Works In Your Life—No Matter What

If You’re Struggling to Stick With Your Fitness Plan...

If you KNOW you need regular exercise to be happier, healthier, and more sane, but you’re just too busy

If you’re caught in the stop-and-start cycle of fitness frustration like most of us have been...

Then this book is for you.

First, the REALLY Good News

You don’t need a new life, just a new plan.

You need a plan that works in your life, exactly as it is.

You need a plan that works for you, rather than the other way around.

There are people I call Perpetual Exercisers who exercise pretty much everyday with a sense of ease and effortlessness.

It turns out they are EXACTLY the same as people who struggle with fitness—including that they only get 24 hours in a day—with one important difference…

They THINK differently about exercise.

That’s all.

And one area where they think very differently is exercise planning and programming.

So you DON’T need to change your life. You can just change your MIND.

And that's REALLY good news.

But With This Important Disclaimer

If you’re looking for a way to get all the amazing, life-changing benefits of regular exercise without actually exercising…

Or if you’re looking for an exercise magic pill like one of those 3-minute-a-day fitness shortcut claims…

Or if you’re not already convinced that regular exercise is essential to health, energy, and vitality…

Then my book isn’t for you.

Please check out someone else’s approach. There are plenty of people promising shortcuts out there.

But if you genuinely want to exercise and enjoy all the amazing benefits that go with being healthy and fit, and are struggling to make it work in your busy, complicated, over-committed life…

Then I can surely help you.

What You’re Getting

Exercise Planning for Busy People is super-practical and completely personalized.

You will learn the process for making a PERSONAL plan that actually works in your life, no matter what your circumstances are, or how busy you are.

No matter what.

And it’s an easy read. At fewer than 100 pages, you can knock it out in a sitting or two.

When you’re through with the book, you will have in hand your own custom-made, personal exercise plan, built to work in your life exactly as it is.

This Is NOT The Same Old Exercise Approach

Here is the most common approach to exercise planning:

  1. Pick some activities we think we should be doing, or that someone told us we should be doing, or that are part of some guru’s off-the-shelf plan.
  2. Try to shoehorn it into our busy lives.
  3. Find that it doesn’t fit, so we redouble our willpower and self-determination to make it fit.
  4. Find it still doesn’t fit.
  5. Stick with it a while, then quit.
  6. Repeat with a new approach.

This leads to the average 80% dropout rate for all exercise plans, intentions, and resolutions.

That's a real statistic BTW, but I don't need to tell you that since we've all lived it.

For the sake of your health and happiness, please stop doing this!

In my book you’ll learn a COMPLETELY different way of thinking about exercise planning.

Here’s Just SOME of What You’ll Discover

The single key reason people fail to stick with their fitness intent. (Hint: you have done this). (page 26)

The one simple step that can eliminate hundreds of exercise options that are a waste of your time. (page 19)

The truth about how Perpetual Exercisers think about fitness differently from those who struggle. (page 2)

A simple scheduling practice that allows you to exercise pretty much every day without getting bored or fatigued. (page 34)

The 4 simple steps to making a plan that actually works in your busy and over-committed life. (page 4)

7 super-practical tips from Perpetual Exercisers for making exercise fit into almost any day. (page 42)

The 6 main obstacles that derail your fitness plan. (Note: you can totally anticipate and solve for these in advance.) (page 30)

A new definition of exercise that may remove the majority of your obstacles. (page 5)

The crazy-simple form of exercise tracking that supports consistency and frees you from the complicated systems that end up getting in your way. (You really won’t believe how simple this is.) (page 36)

The single, simple, powerful truth that lies at the heart of removing obstacles to getting started and sticking with any fitness plan. (page 7)

The 2 categories of exercise preferences that make the world of difference in whether you stick with an exercise plan or not. (page 12)

The 4 key reasons people struggle to get started and to stick with exercise plans. (page 2)

8 secrets to finding genuine enjoyment in forms of exercise you presently find boring. (page 14)

An often misunderstood concept in fitness planning that will keep you from EVER getting burned out on your routine. (page 25)

How to say goodbye forever to exercise activities you hate. (page 23)

The 4 stages of adaptation that move you from tolerating to loving new behaviors. (page 17)

The 4 elements of fitness that determine what to include—and most importantly what to exclude—from your fitness plan. (page 20)

A client case study that illustrates how to fit a workable fitness plan into a VERY complicated life. (page 38)

A basic concept from manufacturing and process management that revolutionizes exercise planning. (page 29)

How to identify the exercise activities that can still work in your schedule no matter how badly your plan goes off the rails for the day. (page 33)

Yes, that’s a ton of practical, real-world info on how to make an exercise plan that actually works in your life.

But that’s not all, because at the end of the book I’ve included a bonus…

BONUS: Online Course Book

To simplify your planning even further, I’ve included as an Appendix the workbook from my Exercise Planning online course.

You also get a link to a free download to print your own stand-alone copy for ease of use.

This workbook walks you through the process of making your personal fitness plan step-by-step.

I'm giving you access to all the tools I've evolved over years of helping people remove the obstacles to the fit and healthy lifestyle they want and deserve.

What To Do Next

You’ll see 3 options below so you can get this important information in whatever form works best for your learning style.

You'll also see that I'm offering significant discounts as part of this launch.

And this may lead you to wonder, "What is the catch?"

I just want to put my best foot forward with hope and faith: if you find my approach to wellness to be truly helpful, you may be interested in more of my books and courses in the future.

As one of my mentors said, “The best way to show someone you can help them IS TO ACTUALLY HELP THEM.”

That’s it. That’s the whole “catch.”

I’m betting you’ll love this new way of thinking about fitness and will want more.




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So it’s a limited-time offer. I’ll keep it open as long as I can.

Best to order now, because there is no absolutely no risk...

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

Based upon your experience of starting and stopping your fitness plans and resolutions, you may not believe there is a solution.

Or you may not trust yourself to follow through because of your history.

Based upon MY experience, I believe in this process and I believe in you, so I’ll make you the boldest guarantee anywhere:

If you don’t love this book (or course) and find it truly helpful, I will give you a full refund AND let you keep the book.

That’s right: money back, keep the book—including if you order the print copy.

No questions asked. No hassle. Easy.

Thank You!

Thanks so much for taking time to read this. I hope to hear from you soon!

Together, let’s end the fight to get fit!

P.S. If you’re the kind of person who just scrolls to the end (which I confess to sometimes being), here are the highlights:

  • I’m offering you my book Exercise Planning For Busy People for 9 bucks (including shipping and handling).
  • You can also choose to add the eBook, the audiobook, and even the online self-study course, if you like, for even better discounts.
  • Don’t buy this unless you already KNOW you need regular exercise, but are too busy to make it consistently fit into your life.
  • That’s the problem I can absolutely help you solve.
  • And I’m throwing in my online course workbook with the eBook for free to make your custom exercise planning process even easier.
  • There’s no “catch” to this offer, and if you don’t absolutely love the book, I’ll send you a refund and you can keep the book.
  • Choose your best option above. You will not regret it!

About Delmar

Delmar has worked as a massage therapist, fitness trainer, wellness and behavior-change coach, musician, and Fortune 500 HR and Operations executive. All of these endeavors led him to where he is now: as an advocate and change agent for supporting consistent fitness and wellness habits.

Delmar’s own wellness involved overcoming obstacles. While in his thirties he contracted chronic fatigue syndrome. When his health was at its worst, he could barely climb a set of stairs. And despite seeing many doctors and specialists, conventional medicine offered no relief.

Thus began a journey of personal exploration and experimentation that led to his complete recovery, and ultimately to his becoming a facilitator of health and healing for others.


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